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The Family Surf. Roadtrip de surf et surfcamp en France.

From summer camp to surf camp, let us take you on a journey!

Summer 2001, you still remember the campfire organized by Céline, the counselor who supervised your summer camp that year. Campfires, big games, lots of friends, and an incomparable nostalgia at the end of those 2 weeks during which your parents said, “but how great are summer camps!”

But 20 years later, that nostalgia is still present and you have only one dream: to find the carefree spirit you had at summer camp, recharge your batteries, and meet new people around a common passion: surfing!

Perfect, you’re in the right place with The Family Surf trip, the only itinerant surf camp in France and in Spain

The surf camp, an unusual stay around a passion: surfing and the ocean.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or experienced surfer, a surf camp is the perfect stay to combine discovery, practice, relaxation, and meeting new people in an ideal setting.

Generally all-inclusive, it is located near renowned surf spots and is led by teachers who can usually adapt to the different levels of the participants.

To summarize: a house on a specific spot, 10 to 15 people, daily surf lessons, and additional activities planned most of the time: yoga, hiking, balanced meals… All in an atmosphere centered around well-being and the practice of a sports activity. Today, many surf camps have managed to develop all over Europe and even in the world: France, Portugal, Spain, there is something for everyone.

However, one of them seems to stand out: The Family Surf. Let’s take a closer look at an exceptional itinerant surf camp.

The Family Surf : the surfcamp 2.0

The Family Surf is a surf camp that combines road trips, surfing, the Nouvelle Aquitaine region, and… an electric van! Unlike a traditional surf camp where a group of people practices surfing while being based in the same place for a whole week, The Family Surf offers an itinerant surf camp aboard an electric van. Their goal is to offer an alternative to traditional van travel, focused on a more responsible and innovative travel model.

This one-week expedition themed around surfing brings together enthusiasts and beginners on a circuit that travels through the Nouvelle Aquitaine region: Biscarrosse, Montalivet, Hossegor, the Médoc coast, and the Basque Country are just some of the planned stops on the itinerary.

So, if you have a free week in the coming months and have no idea what to plan… We have the solution! Discover Vanlife Mag’s article on The Family Surf, the itinerant surf camp in France.