Séjours bas carbone en France
Non classé Traveling by van from the South-West Traveling in a 100% electric converted van

Low-carbon holidays in France in an electric van

In an age of growing environmental awareness, low-carbon holidays in France are emerging as a key trend, where discovering the world goes hand in hand with respect for the planet. How cool is that? An ecological experience without compromising on pleasure.

At The Family Van, we offer tailor-made low-carbon holidays in France in an electric van. The idea is to keep the mobility of the converted van while having a minimum impact on the ecosystem.

Your low-carbon holidays in France start as soon as you walk through the front door!

Responsible travellers start their low-carbon holidays in France by favouring low-carbon modes of transport, such as the train, car-sharing or the electric car. A destination with good public transport links offsets the effects of too much tourism by grouping journeys together, which is more environmentally friendly.
Here at The Family Van, we’ve chosen to locate our offices just 1 minute’s walk from Dax station. It’s directly accessible from several major stations, including Paris and Bordeaux. So you’ll have the opportunity to come by public transport, which considerably reduces your carbon footprint. This first gesture added to the electric van approach allows you to kill two birds with one stone!

Gentle discoveries: ecological walks and circuits

Travellers often opt for low environmental impact explorations. From electric bike tours winding through vineyards to walking tours, each itinerary offers total immersion in and respect for nature. Dedicated apps provide itineraries for low-carbon holidays in France, enabling visitors to discover the country while reducing their carbon footprint. Check out GeoVello and Withlocals!
With an electric van, your impact on the environment is minimised. Greenhouse gas emissions are considerably reduced, improving air quality, reducing dependence on fossil fuels, promoting energy efficiency, and contributing to the transition to sustainable mobility, thereby supporting the fight against climate change. Isn’t that nice!

Low-carbon holidays in France

Experience total immersion with the locals and their traditions

Low-carbon initiatives encourage slow travel, a concept that aims to take one’s time and immerse oneself in the culture of the place in which one is travelling. This makes it easier to interact with the local community. Meetings with artisans, wine tastings and visits to producers offer authentic experiences while supporting the local economy.
In our low-carbon holidays in France, we offer you typical activities such as surfing or hiking, but also tastings on the cheese route or a spa session! At The Family Van, we make sure that we operate a short circuit to offer you the most authentic experience possible.

When ecological awareness goes hand in hand with longer-term travel

Accommodation, restaurants and tourist attractions are awarded ecological certifications and labels recognising their commitment to sustainable tourism. These labels help travellers to make informed choices and support environmentally-friendly players in the sector. You can find a list of these labels here.

With our electric vans, the destinations are endless! You just have to take your time! But that’s what you do when you opt for vanlife, isn’t it?

Low-carbon holidays in France = a great ecological adventure

Low-carbon holidays in France embody the perfect blend of exciting discovery and respect for the environment. The aim is not only to minimise environmental impact, but also to enrich the traveller’s experience. By participating in this eco-responsible trend, visitors not only contribute to the preservation of the planet, but also to the vitality and prosperity of the local community. A great ecological adventure that leaves lasting memories and a positive impact.

If this article makes you want to experience tourism in a more responsible way, don’t hesitate to book your 100% electric van on our website www.thefamilyvan.eu. You’ll be proud to have been able to travel while saving the planet!

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Oenology and terroir of Nouvelle Aquitaine in converted van
Traveling by van from the South-West Traveling in a 100% electric converted van

Oenology and terroir of Nouvelle Aquitaine in converted van

The world of vines and wine has always been an integral part of the identity of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region: with its tailor-made trips in an electrically-converted van, The Family Van offers you a roadtrip “Oenology and terroir of Nouvelle Aquitaine in converted van”.

Oenology and terroir of Nouvelle Aquitaine in converted van

Oenology and terroir of Nouvelle Aquitaine in converted van

Vineyards shape the landscape and enrich the local gastronomic culture. Each grape variety is developed to offer a unique experience, and the concept of wine tourism attracts more and more curious visitors every year.

At The Family Van, we’d like to take you on the road for an “Oenology and terroir of Nouvelle Aquitaine in converted van” tour. During this roadtrip, you’ll have the opportunity to educate your palate and enjoy unique experiences around different wines typical of the region.

We’re talking tastings, visits to cooperatives and wineries throughout the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. Enough to become an expert in oenology and impress your friends and family!

Immerse yourself in the Bordeaux region to begin this roadtrip in an electric van.

Why not start your holiday with a tour of the Bordeaux region?

The reputation of this wine is well established: internationally renowned, the Bordeaux region is the largest appellation vineyard in France and one of the most prestigious, thanks to its famous crus classés. This vineyard is organized around three major rivers: the Garonne, the Dordogne and their shared estuary, the Gironde, which brings an undeniable richness to the cultivated soils and allows for the diversification of grape varieties. Here, the famous wine city awaits you, along with numerous châteaux whose reputation is well established.

Stage 2: head for Sauternes and its extraordinary vineyards aboard your electric converted van

At The Family Van, we love unusual experiences, the kind that spice up a holiday and make you go “oh, wow!”. With this experience, supervised by a professional climber, you’ll be invited to the top of a two-hundred-year-old cedar. You’ll climb a rope to a suspended table where you can taste their 1er Grand Cru Classé. The ideal place to enjoy the experience, with a panoramic view of the Sauternes vineyards and the Ciron Valley. Are you up to the challenge?

Discover the innovative approaches of cooperatives in Lot-et-Garonne and Béarn

If you wish, head for Lot-et-Garonne in an electrically-powered van to learn more about Buzet and its farmers committed to a sustainable development approach: “from vine to glass”. Enjoy a day of immersion with a guided tour of the cooperative’s facilities. You’ll discover how the winemakers produce their wine from A to Z, while enjoying the beauty of the surrounding châteaux!

What could be better than a good old-fashioned wine tasting to keep you going in the Béarn region, after such a wonderful trip in a converted van? The advantage of the van: take your time to explore the world around you. It’s the perfect tool to make you feel at home wherever you go.

The Basque Country, a wine-growing jewel whose secrets you'll soon know all about

The road will then surely end in the Basque country, where you’ll have the opportunity to learn a little more about its cultural and gustatory specialities. If you wish, you can taste the product of oceanic winemaking and, why not, discover the methods of the pioneer of this invention.

This “Oenology and terroir of Nouvelle Aquitaine in converted van” tour is sure to make you experts in New Aquitaine oenology.

If this article has whetted your appetite, don’t hesitate to contact us via thefamilyvan.eu website to learn more about our tailor-made tours in a 100% electric van.

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Tailor-made stay in the Medoc in electric camper van
Traveling by van from the South-West Traveling in a 100% electric converted van

The Medoc in electric camper van : wines, villages & beaches

The Medoc region not only boasts some of the most prestigious Grands Crus Classés in Bordeaux, but also a number of unmissable tourist attractions. The Family Van offers you a tailor-made tour of the Medoc in electric camper van. It’s an opportunity to combine terroir, heritage and picturesque strolls around sites you won’t soon forget.

Tailor-made stay in the Medoc in electric camper van

Explore the castle of the Medoc in electric camper van

The “route des châteaux” in the Médoc, located between the north of Bordeaux and the Pointe de Grave, leads you to discover the great growths of this Bordeaux region: Pauillac, Moulis, St Estèphe, Margaux and many more. At the same time, you’ll discover sumptuous châteaux and estates, and end up on the Atlantic coast with its waves for a breath of sea air!

Discover the Grands Crus Classés of the Medoc in electric camper van

The Bordeaux Wine Route circuit allows you to discover, among others, the first Grands Crus classés of the Médoc:

  • Château Lafite-Rothschild
  • Château Latour
  • Château Margaux
  • Château Mouton-Rothschild

Not-to-be-missed spots for our wine lovers.

See the castle of the Medoc in electric camper van

On this Bordeaux wine route, the main attraction (after the vineyards) is to take advantage of the region’s many tourist attractions:

  • Fort-Médoc in Cussac Fort Médoc, listed by UNESCO as a Vauban Verrou;
  • Cordouan lighthouse at Verdon-sur-Mer, Europe’s oldest 16th-century lighthouse;
  • The charming and typical village of Bages;
  • Soulac sur mer, with its magnificent belle époque villas and the Basilique
  • Notre-Dame-de-la-Fin-des-Terres;
    Port Macau, dating back to Gallo-Roman times, with its marshes, harbour, islands and beautiful residences.

A varied territory to discover in an electric van

Discovering the Medoc in electric camper van also means discovering the ocean and its wide, unspoilt beaches. An unspoilt natural setting on the edge of magnificent pine forests.

The wild beach:

  • Le Pin sec at Naujac-sur-mer
  • The family beach: La Chambrette at Verdon-sur-Mer
  • The “historic” beach: Les Cantines, between Le Verdon-sur-Mer and Soulac-sur-Mer
  • Naturist beach: Saint-Nicolas, Le Verdon-sur-Mer
  • “Californian” beaches: the Vendays-Montalivet stretches (central and southern beaches)

If this article makes you want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us via thefamilyvan.fr website to find out more about our tailor-made tours in 100% electric converted vans.

You can also discover here details about the Médoc wine tour.

Séjour bien être en van aménagé dans les Landes et le Pays Basque
Traveling by van from the South-West Traveling in a 100% electric converted van

Wellness holiday in a campervan between the Landes and the Basque Country

Want to be pampered and take care of yourself? At The Family Van, we’re all about slow travel. So what could be better than a wellness holiday in a campervan, while travelling in a more eco-responsible way?

We’ve selected a number of wellness providers in the Landes and Pays-Basque regions, so you can make the most of the relaxing van experience.

Whether you’re into yoga, relaxation therapy, massage, balneotherapy or simply relaxing in the forest or by the beach… We’ve got all the good addresses you need to spend a delightful time in the south-west.

wellness holiday in a campervan in the Landes and the Basque Country

The Landes, a land of tranquillity, for a wellness holiday in a campervan

With its fragrant pine forests, beaches bathed by the Atlantic Ocean and tranquil lakes, the département is an invitation to well-being. The spas and health resorts in Dax, which promote the therapeutic properties of mud, offer unrivalled relaxation. Nature also plays a part in your well-being, and is ideal for meditation. Cycling or walking in the nature reserves and regional parks brings a deep sense of calm. But above all, the Landes gastronomy, with its local produce, encourages a varied and tasty diet. This atmosphere of tranquillity, combined with the omnipresence of nature and local culture, promises a total reconnection with oneself.

Discover all the wellness activities in the Landes region here

The Basque Country, authenticity and uniqueness for a wellness stay in a campervan

The Basque Country is a land of well-being, combining tradition and nature. Between the majestic Pyrenees and the fine sandy beaches, the region offers a unique balance. Walks along the coastal paths or in the picturesque hinterland offer a breath of fresh air. Seaside resorts such as Biarritz and Saint-Jean-De-Luz invite you to relax and enjoy water sports. The spas and thalassotherapy centres offer revitalising treatments, while the festivals and cultural events make for a dynamic stay. Basque gastronomy, with its combination of fresh fish, local produce and the famous Espelette chilli pepper, will delight the taste buds of all travellers. The harmonious coexistence of the ocean, mountains and local culture creates an atmosphere conducive to a wellness holiday in a campervan, combining escape and tradition.

At The Family Van, we can tailor-make your holiday to suit your needs and desires.

If this article makes you want to come and recharge your batteries in the south-west with a wellness holiday in a campervan, don’t hesitate to contact us via thefamilyvan.eu website to find out more about our tailor-made tours in 100% electric converted vans.

Roadtrip en van aménagé électrique dans les Pyrénées
Traveling by van from the South-West Traveling in a 100% electric converted van

Roadtrip ideas in an electric campervan in the Pyrénées

In the collective imagination, the Pyrenees are synonymous with winter holidays and ski slopes. These days, however, we realise that there’s so much more to explore in this region, with its magnificent landscapes accessible in all seasons. Here’s an idea for a roadtrip in an electric campervan in the Pyrénées.

Between the ocean and the mountains, the Pyrenees offer a wide range of activities combining sport, culture, gastronomy and local produce.

To make the most of these activities, it’s best to travel by electric campervan in the Pyrénées in September and October. The mild autumn temperatures are ideal for vanlife.

Benefit from the experience of responsible roaming specialists.

To help you discover this resourceful region, we offer tailor-made holidays in a 100% electric converted van, which will allow you to reconnect with nature while discovering the splendour of the towns and villages of the Atlantic Pyrenees.

Once you’ve collected your van in Dax, our team will give you expert advice so you can hit the road with peace of mind. You’ll then have the opportunity to explore several of the region’s key towns, including Pau, the Navarre region, and Oloron st-Marie, where you can stay at the Pyrénées Nature campsite. Then there’s Saint-jean Pied de Port, classified as one of France’s most beautiful villages, Itxassou or Espelette and to finish on a high note with some pure Basque products, head for Saint-Jean-De-Luz followed by Bayonne and Biarritz.

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Road trip in electric campervan in the Pyrénées

Adventure and freedom, a roadtrip in an electric campervan in the Pyrénées

We select different campsites for you, to offer you the best possible experience. In fact, we take great care to ensure that our campsites are suitable for recharging our electric vehicles. You can count on our advisors to help you find your destination, or you can follow your own desires and travel freely.

Click here to read our article on travelling in a custom-built van.

Park4night and Chargemap: the essentials for travelling in an electric van

There are two applications to help you make the most of your stay.

Fancy a spot of wild camping? You’ll find all the information you need about where to sleep on the Park4night app. The different car parks and campsites are listed, as are the different viewpoints and wild camping spots. You can take advantage of the opinions of previous campers to help you make the right choice.

To maximise the range of our electric converted vans, we advise you to recharge the vehicle in the place where you are staying whenever possible. This will save you charging time and ensure that you’re fully charged when you wake up in the morning. If you ever need a boost on your journey, we recommend downloading the Chargemap application. It lists the charging points available around you, which will make your day-to-day life a lot easier.

After that, you’ll have no excuse not to take advantage of this special trip in an electric campervan in the the Pyrénées.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to build your tailor-made roadtrip in an electric campervan in the Pyrénées.

Read Camping car Park article on The Pyrénées in a converted van

Travelling in an electric campervan in the Landes
Traveling by van from the South-West Traveling in a 100% electric converted van

Idea of roadtrip in electric campervan in the Landes

Kilometres of forest bordering the Atlantic Ocean, dozens of spots accessible by car or van, a warm and outgoing population … you guessed it, a roadtrip in an electric campervan in the Landes is the perfect place to experience the van life.

The opinion of experts who love their region

The promised land for electric converted van travel in the south-west, this is where The Family Van, an electric van rental company, has decided to set down its luggage to begin the adventure: welcome to the Landes!

The Landes region is made up of coastal towns with an unrivalled reputation, as well as lesser-known villages whose culture is second to none.

We’re here to help you discover the gems of our region.

Our electric vans are perfect for this environment. In fact, our vehicles are specially equipped to satisfy your desire for water-based and city activities.

Travelling in an electric campervan in the Landes

Departure point: meet at our agency, 1 minute’s walk from Dax TGV station, where we will welcome you to hand over the van and brief you on the trip.

Biscarrosse, temple of surfing

The journey begins in Biscarrosse, a resort renowned for hosting one of the best surf spots in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region. Here, you can recharge your batteries in the heart of nature with a range of walks along the shores of Lac de Sanguinet and Parentis, or in the Landes de Gascogne forest. If you’re a keen cyclist, there are plenty of cycle paths to take you to the south of the region.

On a practical note, there are plenty of recharging points available, which you can find on the Chargemap application.

Mimizan, the vitamin cocktail

Day two, head for Mimizan to discover the vitamin cocktail: ⅓ ocean, ⅓ lake, ⅓ forest! Here you’ll discover a clever mix of sport and culture offered by the diversity of the terrain and landscapes. After the effort, the comfort: go to the restaurant The Meltin’pot, to sustenance within an establishment with soft and positive energies.

Vieux Boucau, out of time

Next, head to Vieux-Boucau les Bains. Here you can stay at Camping Les Sablères, where you can recharge your vehicle on site while enjoying the facilities. What’s more, imagine a beach hemmed in fine sand swept by the rollers of the Atlantic, imagine a marine lake with a view as breathtaking as it is sublime. Got it? You can take advantage of this excursion in an electrically-powered van to experience slow-travel to the full.

Capbreton & Hossegor, what else ?

How can you travel by electric van in the Landes without passing through Capbreton and Hossegor? Their reputations precede them, but let us convince you to go there by electric van. Kilometres of fine sandy beach, public or naturist, there’s something for everyone.

This Swiss Army knife landscape is sure to delight everyone.

Our advisors invite you to stop off by the beach at the Surfing restaurant in Seignosse. A real HQ for water sports enthusiasts, you’ll be warmly welcomed with a few tapas and why not, if you’re lucky, a little concert.

Hossegor remains THE star destination of this leg. With its lake and its many water-based activities (stand-up paddle, sailing, catamaran, etc.), its oyster-farming port and its seafront, you’re sure to find something to occupy your days.

If you’re looking for something tasty, there’s a market and covered market, and don’t forget to try the oysters around the lake!

If you want to spend the night, we’re particularly fond of La Civelle campsite in Capbreton. Their facilities mean you can enjoy a hot shower while recharging your electric van.

Tarnos, the last bastion of the Landes region

Finally, one last stop to round off this trip in style: the town of Tarnos, the last bastion before the Basque Country. The town has a particularly well-preserved natural heritage. The Barthes district (wetlands on the banks of the Adour) stands out from the typically Landes coastal area (ocean, dune, pine forest…). The footpaths and cycle path make it easy to get out and about, so there’s plenty to keep young and old alike busy.

The Family Van, the specialist of electric campervan in the Landes

If you haven’t had enough, why not extend your roadtrip in an electric van in the Landes to the Basque Country?

Discover all the tips to travel in a converted van here or our article about travelling in a camper van in the South West 

The Family Van offers campervan rental, tailor-made holidays and group surftrips in the Landes and the Basque Country.

See you soon !

Voyager en van aménagé en arrière saison
Traveling by van from the South-West Traveling in a 100% electric converted van

Travelling in a camper van in the off-season in south west

Summer’s over, but your desire to get away and travel is not. The last rays of the summer sun and the beautiful landscapes of the south-west are irresistible. Don’t worry, travelling in a camper van in the off-season or during the Indian summer is just waiting for you.

The mild temperatures of the off-season are perfect for hiring an electric van to visit the region.

The answer to the question of where to travel in a converted van in September and October is obvious. With its wide open spaces that will help you unwind, its towns with a rich heritage and its mild, sunny climate, it’s safe to say that the South-West is THE ideal part of France to travel in a converted van in the off-season!

Travelling in a camper van in the off-season, the ultimate slow-travel experience

At The Family Van, we offer organised surftrip in group, or you can simply hire your own 100% electric van for a spontaneous trip.

Travelling by van in September and October is, in our opinion, the perfect opportunity to travel out of season while enjoying the same benefits as in summer. You can enjoy the good weather, outdoor activities, culture and gastronomy, while avoiding the crowds of tourists, making the experience even more authentic.

What’s more, there are fewer restrictions on the parking of converted vehicles at this time of year, due to the reduction in traffic on the roads.

A destination that's accessible by van and still has a lot to offer

Our electric vans are perfect for visiting mountainous areas, large pine forests or the west coast. Between the Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Midi-Pyrénées regions, you’ll find plenty of pretty spots to observe these seasonal changes.

Travelling in an electric converted van in the off-season or during the Indian summer will give you the freedom to move around as you wish, and go in search of the rarest viewpoints along the way. Make way for a cosy corner to enjoy life in a converted van with friends or family on the roads of the South-West.

Unforgettable moments of adventure in the heart of the region

At this time of year, the light is perfect and the countryside is bathed in brilliant colours. The conditions are right for discovering more secret itineraries, far from the hustle and bustle: it’s the new “dolce vita”.

Take advantage of this opportunity to travel in complete freedom and catch the last days of sunshine before winter.

Discover all the tips here to travel in camper van off the season in the south-west of France.

So, are you convinced? Why not take a trip with The Family Van this year?

Recharger son véhicule électrique
Traveling in a 100% electric converted van

Charging your electric vehicle, whats going to change in 2024

Is charging your electric vehicle child’s play? While Europe is trying to harmonise the ecosystem around electric vehicles and encourage their adoption by eliminating obstacles linked to range and the availability of charging points, this will not be fully achieved by 2023. Nevertheless, two new laws will be introduced in Europe from 2024, to the delight of adventurers wishing to travel in a 100% electric van.

At The Family Van, specialists in electric van rental, we couldn’t pass up this good news and wanted to share it with you.

Charging your electric vehicle

Charging your electric vehicle, interactive payment by bank card

Gone are the days of creating accounts on the applications of each recharging point, replaced by harmonisation: in a few months’ time, all recharging point users will be able to pay for their recharges by bank card, including the contactless option. The idea is to emulate the experience at the petrol pump: prices will be displayed on the charging points, and an interactive map will be made available to users showing the availability, waiting times and prices of the charging points.

You can find a detailed article on this subject here

Charging your electric vehicle, a charging point at least every 60 km by 2026

While some countries in Europe are fairly well off when it comes to the distribution of charging points across their territory, this is not the case for all.

To compensate for this, a charging point will be available at least every 60 km by 2026 in countries located on the European trunk roads linking the major regions of the EU.

This is a real advantage for people who want to travel in an electric camper van, who will no longer find it difficult to answer the question: “But can you really travel in an electric vehicle?

The opportunity to criss-cross France and Europe

At The Family Van, we offer electric camper van holidays, available for hire or for itinerant surftrips in group.

Are you planning to hire an electric van this year? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Discover here our article about the application for traveling in electric camper van.

voyager en van électrique dans les Pyrénées
Non classé Traveling by van from the South-West Traveling in a 100% electric converted van

Traveling in an electric van in the Pyrenees: 5 hikes to do

The Pyrenees offer a variety of breathtaking landscapes and many exciting hikes for nature and adventure lovers. In this article, we suggest traveling in an electric van in the Pyrenees to explore five iconic hikes that will allow you to discover the beauty and diversity of this region.

voyager en van électrique dans les Pyrénées

1. The Gavarnie Circus

The Gavarnie Cirque is one of the most popular hikes in the Pyrenees, and for good reason! It has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. You will discover majestic waterfalls, panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, and breathtaking landscapes. The hike takes about four hours round trip and is accessible to beginners as well as experienced hikers.

More information here

Electric charging station located near the start of the hike: SDE Haute Pyrénées Charging Station

2. The "Pic du Midi d'Ossau"

The Pic du Midi d’Ossau is an iconic summit of the Pyrenees, offering spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. The hike is quite challenging and can take up to nine hours round trip, but the effort is worth it. You will traverse beautiful landscapes and discover waterfalls, lakes, and pine forests. If you are a photography lover, look no further: you are in the right place!

More information here

Electric charging station located near the start of the hike: Mobive Charging Station

3. The Basque Coastal Trail

The Basque Coast Trail is a hike that follows the Atlantic coast from Hendaye to Saint-Jean-de-Luz, passing through picturesque villages and sandy beaches. This hike can be done in several stages and is accessible to hikers of all levels. You will be able to admire the cliffs, coves, and bays of this magnificent coastline and discover Basque culture along the way.

More information here

Electric charging station located near the start of the hike: Tiers Charging Station

4. Mount Valier

Mount Valier is a majestic mountain in the Pyrenees, reaching a height of 2,838 meters. The hike to the summit is difficult, but it offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and valley. You will be able to admire mountain lakes and unique alpine flora. This hike can take up to eight hours round trip but is reserved for experienced hikers.

More information here

Electric charging station located near the start of the hike: Reveo Charging Station

5. The Ayous lakes

The Ayous Lakes are a set of four mountain lakes located in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques. The hike to reach them is quite easy and can be done in a day. You will be able to admire the surrounding peaks, waterfalls, and breathtaking landscapes.

More information here

Electric charging station located near the start of the hike: SDE Pyrénées Atlantique Charging Station

So, convinced?

Renting an electric converted van with The Family Van can be the right option to immerse yourself in nature, in the context of a week dedicated to hiking and reconnecting with yourself.

We offer our travelers a free contactless Chargemap card that allows you to recharge at more than 95% of charging stations in France.

The Family Van Planifier roadtrip van aménagé électrique
The guide to traveling in a camper van Traveling in a 100% electric converted van

Planning your trip in an electric campervan

The Family Van, a specialist in electric camper van travel, offers you tips and tricks for planning your trip in an electric campervan.

The back-to-school season has just arrived, but you have only one thing on your mind: planning your next vacation.

Ideas are coming to mind: whether it’s about the destination, the length of your stay, activities… But something is bothering you: it’s your first trip behind the wheel of your electric camper van. You need to familiarize yourself with the habits that will make this electric vehicle journey an unforgettable experience.

Discover the typical route in an electric camper van for our itinerant surftrip, The Family Surf.

Travelling in an electrically equipped van is about choosing the right destination

Traveling in an electric van is to benefit from unparalleled travel comfort. Flexible driving, limited noise pollution, access to outstanding technology… We would like to travel the world in our electric van. In fact, it is equipped with the same technologies as a combustion engine vehicle, whether it is in terms of entertainment (music, dashboard…) or driving aids (speed limiter and cruise control). At The Family Van, all our vans are equipped with a speed radar, a reversing radar, Bluetooth and super comfortable speakers: in short, everything to make the journey a blast. While eliminating carbon emissions.

However, we must give technology time to catch up and adapt to what it can currently offer us. Thus, the key element not to overlook when preparing for a road trip in an electric van is inevitably the charging network. Therefore, choose a country that offers a supply capable of meeting your demand.

It’s a good thing that France has a very developed charging network throughout its territory (check on the Chargemap application). This will satisfy your desires for responsible outdoor adventures within the country itself.

Traveling in an electric van is also about identifying charging stations on your itinerary

In order to locate charging stations on your route, the best option is to download charging station apps.

Check out our article that details the various apps available to accompany you throughout your road trip in an electrically converted van.

The extra tip from The Family Van: it is possible to charge your electrically converted van from a power outlet, which can be found at your campsite (check out our tips on camping with an electrically converted van). How to proceed: use the charging cable provided for this purpose, which is different from the one used to charge at traditional fast charging stations. By doing this, you can spend the night and charge both the batteries of your van and your body at the same time 😉

Knowing your electric vehicle well before departure

The mistake not to make: overestimating the capacity of your car. Before your departure, make sure you know the total capacity of your vehicle in terms of range, whether it is equipped with the “fast charging” functionality, the type of charger provided and the one you will need, the type of roads you will take in order to optimize the moment when you recharge the batteries (pun intended). Don’t hesitate to take a look at this article which will give you the keys to successful recharge breaks.

At present, few electric vehicles offer a range greater than 350km. Enough to respect the recommended breaks by the government and avoid accidents.

Adopt a slow-travel driving style for a hassle-free journey

Finally, traveling in an electric vehicle means adopting a new driving mode. Before departure, anticipate and prepare yourself to opt for a simpler, slower, and more adapted driving style to the electric campervan.

Real-life example: on the highway, you will not exceed 110km/h in order to optimize energy consumption. The end result is that you can enjoy the scenery, take your time, and bask in the latest album from Harry Styles.