Tailor-made van trip

Voyage en van aménagé sur mesure

If you want to try a van life experience this year but don’t know where to start, you’re in luck: The Family Van offers tailor-made van trip for its customers, in addition to group travel and individual rental of electric van conversions.

Our goal is to design a trip that matches your aspirations and personality: destinations, accommodations, and activities are all chosen based on exchanges with our specialists in electric custom van travel.

The idea is to offer you a trip that reflects who you are, based on our experience in electric van travel, our knowledge of French regions, and your desires, of course!

Creating your tailor-made van trip itinary

France is a country full of options in terms of diversity of landscapes and centers of interest. Our experts are here to accompany you and build a tailor-made trip in the region of your choice.

Depending on your desires, the duration of your stay, and the exchanges we may have, we will propose a road trip that suits you, including suggestions for stages, activities, restaurants, hidden spots, and much more.

A personalized road book

Before your departure, you will receive your personalized travel diary with all the information you need to travel peacefully. Suggestions for activities on each of your stages, booking information for your accommodations, best practices for traveling in an electrically converted van, and more.

This travel diary will be your little treasure trove and, above all, a wonderful souvenir in which you can slip in some photos of your road trip.

Voyage en van aménagé sur mesure

A high-end concierge service

Drawing from our experience at Original Travel, we offer you a concierge service to accompany you throughout your journey. Whether it’s providing activity recommendations, modifying your itinerary, giving advice on vehicle charging or simply offering assistance in case of problems, we are here to help.

Unique expertise on 100% electric camper van travel

The Family Van is the first and only expert on electric converted van travel in France. Our experience and expertise allow us to offer circuits that are perfectly suited for 100% electric camper van travel.

We provide you with a guide to 100% electric converted van travel and a ChargeMap Business card that allows you to easily and quickly recharge your van at all available charging points on the ChargeMap app.