Traveling with an electric camper van rental agency

electric camper van rental agency

As an adventurer at heart, traveling by van has always appealed to you. Why not consider an electric camper van rental to unleash your inner adventurer while protecting the planet? Let’s take a closer look at traveling with an electric camper van rental agency.

electric camper van rental agency

The Family Van, the electric camper van rental agency

If you’re looking to rent an electric camper van, these are THE specialists: whether you’re planning a group trip, an individual rental, or a custom-made stay, you’ll find what you need at this young startup created in March 2021. On the agenda: comfortable electric vans and advisors available to meet your desires for unique and more responsible travels.

Visit their website now to book your next vacation.

Wikicampers and Yescapa

Although Wikicampers and Yescapa are currently the leaders in peer-to-peer camper van rentals in Europe, they don’t yet offer electric vehicles from individuals. However, in an effort towards responsible practices, The Family Van’s electric vans will be available and listed with these two rental companies.

Travelers who are more concerned about current environmental issues

Today, rental agencies must meet the desires of users who are concerned about choosing new, more responsible ways of traveling.

The idea is to find alternatives that combine tourism, environmental awareness, and pleasure. Why not try out The Family Van by choosing a 100% electric camper van trip?