Travelling in a camper van in the off-season in south west

Voyager en van aménagé en arrière saison

Summer’s over, but your desire to get away and travel is not. The last rays of the summer sun and the beautiful landscapes of the south-west are irresistible. Don’t worry, travelling in a camper van in the off-season or during the Indian summer is just waiting for you.

The mild temperatures of the off-season are perfect for hiring an electric van to visit the region.

The answer to the question of where to travel in a converted van in September and October is obvious. With its wide open spaces that will help you unwind, its towns with a rich heritage and its mild, sunny climate, it’s safe to say that the South-West is THE ideal part of France to travel in a converted van in the off-season!

Travelling in a camper van in the off-season, the ultimate slow-travel experience

At The Family Van, we offer organised group trips, or you can simply hire your own 100% electric van for a spontaneous trip.

Travelling by van in September and October is, in our opinion, the perfect opportunity to travel out of season while enjoying the same benefits as in summer. You can enjoy the good weather, outdoor activities, culture and gastronomy, while avoiding the crowds of tourists, making the experience even more authentic.

What’s more, there are fewer restrictions on the parking of converted vehicles at this time of year, due to the reduction in traffic on the roads.

A destination that's accessible by van and still has a lot to offer

Our electric vans are perfect for visiting mountainous areas, large pine forests or the west coast. Between the Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Midi-Pyrénées regions, you’ll find plenty of pretty spots to observe these seasonal changes.

Travelling in an electric converted van in the off-season or during the Indian summer will give you the freedom to move around as you wish, and go in search of the rarest viewpoints along the way. Make way for a cosy corner to enjoy life in a converted van with friends or family on the roads of the South-West.

Unforgettable moments of adventure in the heart of the region

At this time of year, the light is perfect and the countryside is bathed in brilliant colours. The conditions are right for discovering more secret itineraries, far from the hustle and bustle: it’s the new “dolce vita”.

Take advantage of this opportunity to travel in complete freedom and catch the last days of sunshine before winter.

Discover all the tips here to travel in camper van off the season in the south-west of France.

So, are you convinced? Why not take a trip with The Family Van this year?