Charging your electric vehicle, whats going to change in 2024

Recharger son véhicule électrique

Is charging your electric vehicle child’s play? While Europe is trying to harmonise the ecosystem around electric vehicles and encourage their adoption by eliminating obstacles linked to range and the availability of charging points, this will not be fully achieved by 2023. Nevertheless, two new laws will be introduced in Europe from 2024, to the delight of adventurers wishing to travel in a 100% electric van.

At The Family Van, specialists in electric van rental, we couldn’t pass up this good news and wanted to share it with you.

Charging your electric vehicle

Charging your electric vehicle, interactive payment by bank card

Gone are the days of creating accounts on the applications of each recharging point, replaced by harmonisation: in a few months’ time, all recharging point users will be able to pay for their recharges by bank card, including the contactless option. The idea is to emulate the experience at the petrol pump: prices will be displayed on the charging points, and an interactive map will be made available to users showing the availability, waiting times and prices of the charging points.

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Charging your electric vehicle, a charging point at least every 60 km by 2026

While some countries in Europe are fairly well off when it comes to the distribution of charging points across their territory, this is not the case for all.

To compensate for this, a charging point will be available at least every 60 km by 2026 in countries located on the European trunk roads linking the major regions of the EU.

This is a real advantage for people who want to travel in an electric camper van, who will no longer find it difficult to answer the question: “But can you really travel in an electric vehicle?

The opportunity to criss-cross France and Europe

At The Family Van, we offer electric camper van holidays, available for hire or for itinerant surftrips in group.

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