Application for traveling in an electric camper van

The Family Van borne recharge véhicule électrique

The Family Van, an expert in 100% electric van travel, has chosen Chargemap as application for traveling in an electric camper van.

It is thanks to this gem that we have been able to create our itinerant surftrips in group, such as The Family Surf France and The Family Rando.

We also use Chargemap to create itineraries for our tailor-made trips.

Zoom on the Chargemap app

During your electric van road trip, the Chargemap app will be your best friend. It provides a reference map to find charging stations located along your route, whether they are public or not.

As a collaborative application, as an electric van driver, you’ll have the ability to upload photos, comments, and reviews of the charging stations you encounter on your journey. Chargemap also provides a level of detail that is useful to users, allowing them to know what types of charging stations are available, whether fast or standard.

The Family Van offers all its travelers a Chargemap pass that will allow you to recharge your electric van by simply placing your card on compatible Chargemap terminals.

Other charging station apps

While Chargemap remains our reference application and the one The Family Van team used when building its trips, there are several other available alternatives, such as Plugshare (more comprehensive map that covers the entire world), Chargeprice (which lists the charging stations offering the best recharge prices), and Nextcharge.

Individually, some private companies that offer charging stations have their own application: Inuit, Mobiv…

All of these charging stations are nevertheless listed on the Chargemap application.

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