Our group trips in electric campervans

Un groupe de personne voyageant en van aménagé électrique

When you were young, you were a fan of summer camps and group trips. You pushed, pushed, pushed, until at 18, you thought you were too old to continue. That the past is the past… But not so fast!

The Family Van, an expert in electric campervan rental, now offers group trips aboard 100% electric campervans, centered around sports or cultural themes.

Let’s take a closer look at this alternative to traditional campervan travel that makes us want to go back to summer camp, but for adults.

A sports or cultural theme at the heart of the trip

All group trips with The Family Van are organized around a sports or cultural theme, led by a certified guide throughout the entire trip. Whether it’s surfing, hiking, visiting castles in the Loire Valley, or wine tasting, there’s something for everyone.

The goal is to promote French heritage through an innovative trip that combines human encounters with the practice of an activity.

The Family Van aims to develop as many themes as possible based on the desires of its users and those who want to try renting a van with them.

Discover our first group trip, The Family Surf!

Traveling group stays in 100% electric vans

All group trips with The Family Van are operated aboard 100% electric Citroën vans, fitted out to provide maximum comfort for travelers eager to test the experience.

“Our goal is to rethink the experience of traditional van travel, making it more responsible and innovative,” says Kevin, CEO & co-founder of the company.

The electric van allows for a new way of traveling, slower and closer to the outdoor desires of travelers. The aim is to break away from traditional travel modes and opt for slow-travel, taking the time to appreciate the surrounding landscapes and meet new people.

A summer camp for adults

What better way to relive your childhood memories while preserving the planet than a group trip in an electric van?

The Family Van is like an adult summer camp reinvented for an itinerant trip aboard electric vans, with a group of people bonding together through activities, encounters, and landscape discoveries.